"Get going! Let me have my peace and quiet."
-Avo to Aurora
Avo is a character that appears in Child of Light. He is a member of the Capilli and the grandfather of Finn. He gives Aurora the optional quest Pastoral Panic.

Appearance Edit

Avo is an elderly Capilli with light skin, long, white hair and a long, white beard. He has pointy ears, wrinkles, a thin, beak-like nose, and eyebrows that are tall, feathery, and arched downward, making him appear constantly troubled. He wears green robes with gold cuffs and buttons. His hat is the same color as his robes and has gold details across the top. A white light topped with a stem-shaped objects hangs off his hat. He appears to be barefoot, and carries a cane in his right hand.

Personality Edit

Biography Edit

Relationships Edit

Gallery Edit

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