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"Genovefa and I are all that's left."
-Drust about Gen
Drust is an elderly, fish-like creature inhabiting the Piscean Village. His first and last appearance is in Chapter 9: The Piscean and the Ogre.

Appearance Edit

Drust has green skin, green eyes, green hair, green horns that look like coral, a green mustache, long, thin antennae, and a long tail with green leaf-shaped fur on it. His ears are pointy and his earlobes are split in two. He seems to be elderly, as he has many wrinkles lining his face, appears to be balding, and likely has deteriorating vision as a result of age, because he wears spectacles on his nose. On Drust's arms he has extrusions that look like seaweed. He wears long brown and white robes.

Personality Edit

Drust appears to be a very caring person; he takes care of Gen and keeps her safe as best he can.

Biography Edit

In Chapter 9: The Piscean and the Ogre, Aurora flies into the Piscean Village, where she meets Gen and Drust. They explain that an ogre is terrorizing the village and has taken all the villagers except them down into the sea. Aurora volunteers to kill the ogre and rescue the villagers; if Aurora talks to him a second time, he tells her to be careful. When Aurora returns, Gen tells her that Drust went out a while ago. Aurora tells Gen that the ogre has eaten all the villagers; Gen cries for a while, and then agrees to join the group to make the Queen of the Night suffer. Drust's is never seen again.

Relationships Edit

Genovefa - Drust cares very deeply about Gen and seems to be somewhat of a father figure to her. He is protective of her, trying to keep her safe inside one of the Piscean Village buildings, and tries to avoid talking too much about the ogre and the fate of the villagers; it is likely he suspected that the others were dead, but did not mention this to Gen to keep her hopes up. Gen sometimes rebels against him; she leaves the house to greet Aurora against his wishes and speaks about the ogre kidnapping the villagers despite Drust stating that he does not want to talk about it in front of Gen.

It is likely that they have known each other for a very long time, perhaps are even related.

Aurora - Drust does not know Aurora very well, as he only meets her once. But he appears to trust her and believes in her ability to defeat the ogre.

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Trivia Edit

  • Before Aurora learns Drust's name, he is referred to as "Old Man."