Finn is a character that appears in Child of Light. He joins Aurora after completing Chapter 4: The Deep Dark Well.

"No mint?! Worse than the birds!!"

Biography Edit

Finn is a member of the Capilli, a dwarf-like race of Lemuria. He and his grandfather, Avo, are spellcasters tasked with protecting the Village of the Capilli from destruction in the hands of the Queen of Night. After leaving the village for a few days to restock their supplies, to his dismay, Finn returns to find the entire village cursed by the Dark Queen, turning every member of the Capilli into black birds, including Avo.

Although the water drawn from the well, known as the Water of Lethe, would lift the curse, he was too frightened to go into the well alone to retrieve it. Only after meeting Aurora does he muster up the courage to go into the well to break the curse on the Capilli.


Finn mainly uses elemental magic while fighting (fire, water and lightning spells) and is also able to do quick melee-attacks, which can interrupt enemy attacks (when used at the right time).

His main upgradeable skills are:

  • Knock (a quick melee attack targeting one creature)
  • Defend (reduces damage from attacks and increases speed on the timeline for the following turn)
  • Lightning Strike (deals lightning damage to enemies, especially powerful against water-creatures)
  • Wildfire (deals fire damage to enemies, especially powerful against earth-creatures)
  • Monsoon (deals water damage to enemies, especially powerful against fire-creatures)
  • Rage of the Capilli (passive skill increasing the power of all spells by a certain %-amount)

Trivia Edit

  • Finn is only 13 but has a long beard, due to the fact that the Capilli race age very rapidly
  • He casts spell using his pipe
  • He is very timid and prone to crying and panicking
  • He loves mint