The Ogre and his pets

The Giant Ogre is the boss which appears after solving the puzzle with the Roman numerals (V, VIII, X). He wields a three-headed flail and is accompanied by two armored wolfs.

Attack info:

Giant Ogre:

- Flail (quick melee attack dealing heavy damage)

- Ogre's Wrath (melee attack dealing heavy damage, takes two turns to execute)

Armored Wolfs:

- Dreadful Howl (melee attack, able to slow down its target)

- Burning Bark (quick melee attack dealing heavy damage)

- Raging Roar (melee attack dealing heavy damage, takes two turns to execute)

Boss Fight Strategy:

Start by going against the wolves first, they deal more damage than the ogre. Oengus and Tristis work well, Tristis can supply Oengus with Unstoppable and Haste as they attack the ogre and the wolves. If and when Oengus is low on health, swap out Tristis for Rubella so that he can be healed. When just the ogre is left, you can swap out Rubella/Tristis for anyone else in the party. The ogre by himself is relatively easy.

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