The Hydra is a boss during Chapter 4. It has three heads with different elemental weaknesses/resistances:

1. The green head is resistant to lightning damage, but weak against fire.

2. The red head is resistant to fire damage, but weak against water.

3. The blue head is resistant to water damage, but weak against lightning.

Attack info:

Green Head:

- Serpent's Tongue (quick melee attack, earth-elemental)

- Venom (paralyzes a character)

Red Head:

- Lick of Flame (quick melee attack targeting all, fire-elemental)

Blue Head:

- Stinging Spray (quick melee attack, water-elemental)

Boss Fight Strategy (done on Normal difficulty):

This fight seems wanting to train you in matters of elemental weaknesses. Your prime candidate for this fight should be Finn, since he has powerful spells that are able to deal with each head's elemental weakness.

As a support character, Rubella or Golem will do nicely. Rubella will usually act as a healer for Finn (when he gets low on health), is able to interrupt the heads' attacks with her quick "Tumble" attack, giving Finn the time he needs to cast his spells (which take quite long), and finally "Aliment Protection" makes you immune to green's head paralyze attack.

It is a good idea to finish off one head and then going after the next one (start with "Wildfire" against the green head, after that "Monsoon" on the red head and finally "Lightning Strike" on the blue one). Starting with the green head is adviseable, since he has TWO attacks, one which is able to paralyze you - you really want to avoid that one!

The fight itself isn't that hard, it just takes a little time to finish off each head. You may also want to use Golem for some heavy melee-attacks (e.g. "Smash (All)") to weaken all heads at the same time.

Trivia Edit

  • The demo version ends right before fighting Hydra.