Igniculus is a whisp and a companion of Aurora in Child of Light.

Igniculus can be controlled by a second player, which makes gameplay a little more "relaxed" for player one, since he doesn't have to multitask (heal, blind, collect orbs) during battle.
Will someone please explain how water falls with no rain?
-Igniculus upon appearing to Aurora
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Biography Edit

Igniculus the firefly came into being when Aurora entered Lemuria, so everything is new to him. He was sent to help Aurora by the Lady of the Forest.

By meeting another "firefly" like him in the Cynbel Sea, Igniculus discovers that he is an Elemental, sparks of light summoned from the ethereal plane. The "firefly" tells Igniculus that bright lights like him always forget to return to that everlasting morn, where thousands of other Elementals live.

Personality Edit

Because he is for all intents and purposes a newborn, Igniculus knows very little about the world and can sometimes come off as naive. He can also be a bit snarky, bickering with Aurora and correcting Rubella’s rhymes.


Igniculus blinds enemies and finds items to aid Aurora on her quest.

Outside of combat, he is able to:

  • Open certain out-of-reach chests and "sprite containers" which contain useful items.
  • Blind enemies so the player can safely pass them or get behind them for a surprise attack.
  • Heal your party.

During combat, he is able to:

  • Slow enemy-movement (by blinding the respective enemy) in order for the other characters to surpass them on the timeline. Only one enemy can be blinded at a time.
  • Heal the active characters.