Umbra, Queen of the Night, also known as Dark Queen, is the primary antagonist of Child of Light. She has stolen the sun, moon and stars.

"This land is mine to govern as I see fit. It will never be free."
-Umbra during the final showdown

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Biography Edit

Umbra is the descendant of Cynbel the wise, one of the four explorers who discovered Lemuria long ago. It was stated by Umbra that some time before Aurora's birth, The Queen of Light banished her mother from Lemuria, forcing her to live among mortals which fueled her animosity towards Aurora and her thirst for vengeance against her mother.

A few years before Aurora's arrival in Lemuria, Umbra managed to find the Queen of Light in Austria, 1893, where she kills her via poisoning. With the Queen of Light gone, Umbra descended onto Lemuria, unleashing her dark creatures to conquer the land and sending her daughters Nox and Crepusculum up to the heavens where they stole the Sun, Moon and Stars. She then married Aurora's father two years later. Soon afterward, she poisons Aurora but was ultimately unsuccessful in killing her.

Battle InfoEdit


  • Inflame (when interrupted)
  • Magical Mark (creates magic armor-protection for her or a minion)
  • Inpenetrable Scales (creates an armor against physical damage for her or minion)
  • Unstoppable (makes her or a minion immune to being interrupted)
  • Dragon's Cry (takes two turns to execute, deals a lot of damage!)
  • Rumbling Roar (quick and strong melee attack)
  • Revive (Resurrect one of her minions with 800HP)


  • Prey (quick melee attack able to set back players on the timeline)
  • Cutting Talons (quick and strong melee attack)
  • Counterattack (%-chance to deal melee damage after getting hit by magic attacks)



Umbra and her little friends

The fight starts right after beating Nox, so before fighting Nox make sure to prepare your party for the encounter with Umbra as well, i.e. equip at least 1 or 2 characters with Light-damage! At the beginning of the fight, Umbra will turn into a great black Dragon and she has 2 minions helping her out. Her minions takes more damage from psyhical attack, and Umbra suffers more damage from spells. Both Umbra and minions are weak to light, so make use of that weakness. This boss counters all physical and magical attacks with buff and attacks of her own. She may also resurrect her minions.

As with the previous boss fight, if you have Gen with Paralyze All then this one too can be ridiculously easy. The only problem is to make her cast it without being interrupted, considering all enemies move very fast on the timelime. Use Oengus' Taunt or Unstoppable potion or spell if needed. Once she casts it then you will be basically hitting inanimate objects. She will need to recast it frequently so control her round to drink potion or recast.  If Gen doesn't have Paralyze All read the following strategy (ies): Use Oengus' "Taunt"-skill to draw all attacks toward him. He will be your tanking character (heal with potions when necessary, swap Aurora with Rubella for a turn or use Igniculus "shining" ability to heal him). While the attacks are drawn towards him, use Aurora's "Light Ray (All)" to deal heavy light damage to Umbra and her minions. If you want, you can also use "Elevate Damage" beforehand in order to deal some more sweet damage. Rinse and repeat and the fight should be a breeze; An additional method of getting Aurora's Light-spells to hit (and not being interrupted!) is to also use Tristis' spell "Unstoppable" on her.

Alternate StrategyEdit

Start out with the strategy above, but after a couple of turns, change Oengus and Aurora with Rubella and Robert. This only works if they have citrines in their melee attack slot. Use Robert's Rain Arrow and if he gets low on health use Rubella or Igniculus. On Rubella's turn (if not healing Robert), use Tumble on Umbra. Then, when Umbra starts drooping, change Rubella to Aurora and use Starlight all, using Robert as an interupter. Caution: Beware of interrupting Umbra too often - she will counter with a Damage Increase spell. Only target Umbra as her minions will fall when she falls.


  • Umbra means the fully shaded inner region of a shadow cast by an opaque object, especially the area on the earth or moon experiencing the total phase of an eclipse. While in astronomy the umbra is the dark central part of a sunspot.It was used in the late 16th century denoting a phantom or ghost: from Latin, literally "shade".