Child of Light is a digital download, 2D side-scrolling role-playing game inspired by the art style of Studio Ghibli. Take control of Aurora as she embarks on a quest to retreive the sun, moon, and stars from the evil Queen of the Night. The game features an active battle system with RPG elements. The game can be played with local co-op. The game is out tomorrow and the reviews are in! What did you think of Child of Light? Give us your review or thoughts in the comments!

Liked it



"The artwork on display is stunning, and the combat is constantly engaging, and the characters openly defy genre convention. But perhaps the best thing I can say about Child of Light is that I was often unsure as to whether I was headed in the direction I was supposed to, and I never once cared. I just wanted to fly to every corner of the world, take it in, and smile."



"Roleplaying games still have a place in the world, and Child of Light is a good reminder that it’s possible to honor what made the genre popular while still adding some modern flare."



"A fantastic RPG with a creative aesthetic and fairy tale narrative, Child of Light is a memorable experience that's as fun to play as it is artistically pleasing."



"Child of Light will satiate pretty much everyone but the most hardcore of RPG fans, and even then, they'll find plenty of enjoyment. There are a few minor issues here and there that hold it back from instant-classic status that could be enhanced in a sequel or future work, but regardless, Child of Light is a noble effort from Ubisoft Montreal, and another win to put in the studio's diverse portfolio."

Thought It Was OK



"There's simply no soul in Child of Light, no emotional attachment to keep you pressing on into the darkness. There isn't even a good addictive hook – the story makes a few feeble tugs at your heartstrings, but doesn't create any great mysteries that you'll be desperate to solve, and the combat, while solid, never quite achieves "just one more round" status. It's all lovely and pleasant and well-crafted – and hollow."



"It's a beautiful, familiar trip evoking stories I've heard and places I've imagined before. But it's all so ephemeral — less than a day after finishing it, I can already feel my memories of my time in Lemuria and the characters I met there drifting away."

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